Hey beautiful one!

My name is Jess Brown. I’m a momma of 3, a wife to an incredible handyman and I have a Bachelor's degree in Child Development and Family Studies. I have life made!

So I thought….

Growing up, I knew that I always wanted to be "that mom" who stayed at home with her kids. Children were my heart & my passion. I knew I wanted to be relevant in my children's life's the way my mom was their for my sisters and I. Having a degree in Child Development seemed like a no-brainer for me. However, two things I failed to take into account were the type of income I would be bringing in and having to leave my newborns and go to work. Yup-didn’t think that one through!

I did what I thought I was suppose to do. I worked my butt off during college. I had an 18+ hour class load on top of working full-time as a manager/bartender at a popular sports bar at WVU. After graduating college, I still worked in this sports bar. To make this story short, I simply didn’t want to take a paycut.

It wasn’t until my husband and I got married and were pregnant with our first child that I decided to put on my big girl panties, accept the pay cut and find a job using my degree. I still thought this would be perfect!  UNTIL I had to leave my daughter and go to work. My heart was in  tug-of-war with itself. When I went to work she was all I could think about. When I was home with her, I felt guilty because I wasn’t giving the children I was working with my absolute best. It wasn’t until we got pregnant with our second and knew my full paycheck would be going to daycare that my husband and I decided that it was time for me to stay at home.


Here it is y’all! 

Everything I wanted! Being a stay at home mommy! My heart was ready to explode! But I found my heart was in the same place as before, playing tug-of-war between guilt for my feelings of what I thought I always wanted and my purpose to exist in the outside world...was simply non-existent.  I didn’t know what I was becoming. I went from being happy, outgoing and bubbly to depressed, insecure and lost in my life.  

I started to search, dig and pray that I would find the answers to relieve me from these feelings! Then it popped up on my timeline...on facebook of all places! People I knew being annoyingly happy. I did a little digging and realized that I was already dabbling into something that my annoyingly happy friends had taken a plunge into...Beachbody Coaching!

I wanted to help others!

I wanted to be the good!

I wanted someone to smile because of me!

I knew this community I was apart of was MY HOME. Through this community I was given the tools to help transform lives completely! Aside from the countless transformations I have had a helping hand in, I’m confident in this for 2 main reasons. I believe in what I have to offer because it transformed my life  and it has also transformed my mom's life losing 94 pounds in 4 months.

My heart and knees have never felt more purpose (outside my home life) and that life line of a beating heart on what it means to BELIEVE in someone else.

You would think this is where the story ends AGAIN but it’s ONLY the beginning! What gave me so much purpose also became a way for me to contribute to my families income, which now exceeds what I was making using my college education. This full circle transformation of physical, emotional and financial independence led to believing in myself so others could in turn believe in themselves too!


My Transformation


After having my 3rd baby I looked in the mirror and made a promise to myself that I would transform my body and I wouldn't stop until I was happy! I never in a million years thought I would enter myself into a bikini competition - especially NEVER after 3 kids!

I knew that I had the power to make my body look anyway I wanted it too! That day I said...I will make this my healthiest year and I WILL BE IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!

Something about saying it out loud makes it feel more real! Plus, the good Lord knows with 3 kids to keep up with and the lack of sleep that would ensue, I was gonna need the energy!

I've always had this phobia that one day my kids would get stuck in a jungle gym and I couldn't get them out because of my size OR if they tried running away from me and I couldn't catch them...because sometimes your kids can just be ornery! These are real fears of mine! I know by taking care of me and creating the best version of me , I can in turn take better care of them!


Are you ready to learn more about how you can transform your body and life, too?