Bundle packs on special with Beachbody On-Demand! Such a steal when your getting the BOD for a full YEAR!!!


  • My personal pick: If your ready to be obsessed "The Committed" pack is the way to go. You'll have one meal out of the day you don't have to worry about  SHAKEOLOGY that's equilvent to 5 large salads, rids cravings, helps with bloating and it replaces you multivimin. Recover will help your sore muscles recover quickly so you can push harder the next day.  Energize with help you push through your workouts to the best of your ability. I like to call energize my go-go juice. I personally get a tingly feeling that I need to sweat it out with in minutes after I drink it. Portion control system so you learn how much of WHAT your suppose to eat in a days time. PLUS you can't beat having access to what I like to call the "Netflix" of workouts for a full year right at your finger tips anywhere you go! aka Your Beachbody On-Demand! 
  • "The Game Changer" is great if you want to try out the products before you go full speed ahead. 
  • "The Basic" is good for anyone that's ready to just give it all a go and you need help finding your jam with your health and fitness, you really ready to push yourself and be guided all the way.