"A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because it's trust is not on the branch but on it's own wings to fly."

Always believe in yourself. 


If you have a passion for health & fitness, and helping others get into the best shape of their lives, this is for YOU!  

In the TEAM EXIST internship I share 9 modules on how to become an effective Beachbody Coach and become your OWN health & fitness brand. This isn’t about teaching you to sell…NO! I don’t believe in that!  This is about sharing your heart and desire to make a positive impact on the world by making others EXIST.

Coaching involves 3 main steps: Inspire, provide a solution, support.

Inspire: The first step to encouraging somebody to enact a healthy lifestyle, is to get creative and inspire them!

Provide a solution: This is where Beachbody comes in! Their world class programs are second to none and best of all, they’re real! Nothing in our lifetime our generation's lifetime will ever replace a sweat session with ourselves followed by healthy nutrition. We teach just that and Beachbody takes out the guess work for us.

Support: Once your solution is accepted, this is where your ability to motivate and hold someone accountable kicks in. You will ensure that your customer is focused on executing their workouts daily and following their meal plan. In the internship, we’ll talk about how we leverage the Fit & Active Challenge to hold our customers accountable!


Team Exist Internship (9).png

How do I join the internship?

If you’re ready to take a leap of faith into the world of Beachbody coaching, GREAT! To be eligible for the internship, you’ll make your participation official by going through the registration process on my website and sign up to the team with a Challenge pack! You can’t teach what you don’t know!

** Please feel free to E-MAIL me if you are having any trouble signing up or picking a challenge pack!

Am I eligible for the internship?

The beauty of this internship is that it could all be executed from the comfort of your own home. You do not need to even live NEAR me! It is all managed online!  

What exactly is the Internship? Why does it work?

In Team Exist we focus on helping you EXIST first. We establish your goals and immediately go after them! We will identify your short term and long term goals, and get you into our private training group just for coaches and figure out exactly what action steps you need to be taking in each day to live the life of your dreams.

As a starting point, upon signing up, you will receive a welcome email from me. Because everyone is different and everyone works at a different pace, I created the online Internship Platform for you to login at your convenience and watch as much training as you want, whenever you want.

During the Internship, you will be following the BEACHBODY modules I created that will ensure you have the best possible resources for starting and running your coaching business.  


The 9 Modules include:

B - ecoming the best version of you
E - xecution (share/social media)
A - ccountability (community)
C - ustomers (how to talk to people & sign them up)
H - ome atmosphere/team (connect)
B - uild your brand/build your team
O - ptimization (double your business/tracking/follow ups)
D - aily task & time management (bat)
Y - ou (secret to success/personal development &  self growth)

***There are also a few bonus modules including:

Getting started right - Everything you need to know to get started right!
Webinars and calls - from our Team and other leaders in the business
Coach tools - a library of tools for you to use in your business
Challenge group - This will allow you to have a firsthand view of exactly how to support your customers and what a coach does.  

My commitment & guarantee

My commitment to you is to always put YOUR needs first above all else! You EXIST first and foremost! You let me in on what YOU want I promise I will always have your best interest at heart. I will continue to match your efforts 100%.

I need you to know now: ANY and ALL success you achieve in your business is ALL created by YOU! This is your business. I am here for support whenever you need me but I am not your boss. I will not push the unwilling and unmotivated.

I ask that you give this 100% , check in and give it your all just like you started a potential million dollar business.....because, guess what? You just did!! Eeek Get excited!

If you would like extra accountability on your health and fitness journey, but you're not ready for the Internship, That is totally OK!  You will receive my help and also be added to our private year-round accountability group on Facebook. The internship will be here for you when you are ready.  

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