Want to be more present in life?


My business is something that I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, burning passion in my soul that lights my fire and fills my cup- excited to do what I do as a coach while being a SAHM!

Yup..That’s what this business does for me! <3

To be apart of such an uplifting community! Working on my health and fitness journey while helping others do the same! #prettycool

To also be present EVERYDAY in my children life not worried about a work schedule.

I tried the whole working 9-5 MOM thing and I gotta be honest, I had a horrible pit feeling in my stomach everyday. I knew in my heart…staying at home with my kids is always where I NEEDED to be.I KNEW that's where I would be the happiest!

My mind was NEVER fully at work even when I was there, then I beat myself up when I got home because I wasn't “present".... I tell ya-It was a vicious cycle. Lol

I get that this is not for everybody-But if your like me and WANT to be a SAHM, create a healthy lifestyle for yourself & help others on the same journey your going through and create an income….I’m here! Hit me up!

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Let's get "reel" here for a sec....

This is the face you make after you shower and can’t move 😂 55min of booty work—-OUCHIE!

But can I get real for a second, I never want to give you guys my highlight reel. I wanna be honest and as transparent as I can be. Waking up every day and doing it all over again is not always the easiest thing to do!

I didn’t go to sleep until 1:30 am, one of my babies woke around 5 am and once got him back to sleep, my daughter was up at 6:30 am. This is just real Mom life and the excuses start to flood in!

The hardest part is pushing past the excuses, owning your power and pressing play on that workout. Today you wanna know what made it easier on me...

Seeing that one message pop up in my inbox that said, “Hey lady did you say you moved up your zoom workouts to 8?” I perked right up, responded to the message and I open up my computer, so we could work out virtually together! 💝

When you tell others what you’re doing it’s the highest form of accountability you will ever have...if you surround yourself with the right people!

Today allow yourself to go on the mental transformation! Your body won’t go where your mind won’t allow it! Just whatever you do don’t let the start be what stops you and believe you are worth it!

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What does freedom mean to you?

FOR ME: It means I'm the ONLY one that puts limitations on myself! Meaning you want too or you don't! You control the outcome! That's what living a healthy fulfilling life means to me!

So when you feel like your ready to fall off track and you feel like you lost your way! Think WHAT DO I WANT!

What do I want my life to look like?

I personally never want to be crippled in the aspect of what my body can't do and it's all because of the actions I took that get me there!

I want to be free! Alive! Well! Healthy! Confident! I want to hold the power to my life! I want to see my kids have kids, grandkids have kids, and their kids have kids! To hop on a motorcycle at the age of 70 just because it makes my husband happy! I know that this all starts with me and the actions that I take daily! This is what freedom means to me!

If no one has told you lately - DO YOU! By doing you, you can better do everybody else around you!

At home workouts + sticking to a schedule!

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

At home workouts could 👀 like this! Learn to embrace the fact it won't be perfect but let's face it what in life is...besides your children😜

More they see! More they will understand! Working on yourself takes work and I'm cool with teaching them I'm doing just that!

We all have our areas of struggle and mine is having a good routine! With school getting ready to be back in session this is the perfect time😍

As a kid, I loved heading back to school because I was excited to meet my teachers and see my friends! As a mom, I love shipping my daughter off to class not only out of enthusiasm for them but also because it means developing a schedule for the family. This is the perfect time of year to start figuring out your jam with your health and fitness!

This brings me to my next virtual support group!

I've coached many women to gain back their energy, on top of losing 5, 10, 15, 50, 80 & even 100 lbs! I've found my passion for helping others find their jam with their health & fitness!

I want to share my tips and tricks with you all you mommas that deserve the time that WANT the time to spend on you!

It's much more fun with a friend though! Wanna join me? Fill out the form below!

Thought for the day: Keep going....


Banana 🍌 peel on the floor
Two little boys being good at the moment
Only had to press pause once in 33 min🙌🏻
I call that winning😂

Thought for the day!

"You get in life what you create. Expectation drives the creative process. What do you expect? You expect whatever it is you're thinking about. Your thought process, the conversation in your head, is at the base of the results you create in life.”

This can go for so much! But my opinion when it comes to your health and fitness.....It's so much easier to keep going than it is to repeatedly start over. So get out of that mindset "starting completely over" instead consider yourself to be on a forever long journey to creating the best version of yourself! Stop feeling defeated and own where you are at in the moment.

Feeling defeated will only lead to more defeat! Focus on where you wanna go! Not where you want to stay!

Its much more fun with a friend though! Wanna join me? Fill out the form below!

Wanna join me for the next 100 days?

15 years I've been doing at home workouts and there's a reason why I'm still doing them TODAY-THEY WORK!

They work because YOU work. Listen if you come to me I'll never say JUST drink this, take a shot of that and you'll get ALL the results. I'm gonna be straight and tell you IT TAKES WORK! It takes moving your body! Learning your body! Understanding your body! Fueling your body! ⁣

Nowadays people want QUICK results.

But here's the deal you won't need quick results if you create a lasting lifestyle change. I'm not talking about being perfect either. ⁣I'm talking 20-30 min workouts & learning your healthy balance.

I'm ready to commit to 100-morning workouts! 100 mornings of learning our bodies, fueling our bodies property, learning a healthy balance that if you want a blizzard YOU eat that blizzard ✌️ while doing it alongside other friends that have the same goal as you....and that's to become the best version of yourself. The way it looks and feels to you! ⁣💖

The next 100 days will look like this:
💪🏻100 workouts done at your own pace
🥘ANY nutrition plan that works for YOU
🕑20-30 minute workouts
💦High intensity cardio + strength training + barre + MMA.
🏋️‍♂️2 different modifiers so ANYONE can do it
🏡Can be done anywhere with minimal equipment

If you want to create new habits, replace the old ones and just start feeling better fill out the form below (and peep the transformations too)!


Become a stronger version of yourself

👉You're only as strong as those thoughts you allow in your mind
👉You're only as strong as your ability to fight back and gain control!
👉You're only as strong as YOU want to be!

👊Fight the mind
👊Gain control
👊Take action on your life
👊You and only YOU have that control!

I wish I could say it will be easy but the truth is learning yourself is HARD. Calling yourself out and really FIGHTING for what YOU want is HARD.

Nothing WORTH having comes easy but baby it's WORTH IT!

If you are ready to harness that power, I invite you to join me in my next accountability group! Just click the button below!

You OWN Your Power!


I've felt like a slug for the past 3 days! 🙄 It's truly all my fault 😩 But its cool! I don't stress! I just own my power! 🙌🏼

This is my balance y'all! I'm far from perfect! I indulge like a lot!🙄😂

There's times when my energy is waaaay down and I know this has everything to do with how I'm treating and fueling my body.... But those moments are when I know that I need to clean my act up ASAP! I don't say tomorrow! I say... I want to gain back control of my life TODAY! 

I literally pull myself up by the back of my shirt, slam my feet on my ground and remind myself I am worthy of feeling damn good! 😎

It will never be about looking perfect, that simply doesn't EXIST!

It WILL always be about your health & how YOU want to feel about YOURSELF 💝 

You own that power! You have the power! 😇 Now act on that power! 💝 And, if you are ready to harness that power, I invite you to join me in my next accountability group! I have room for YOU! Just click the button below!

The Key to My Success

2 out of 3 kids up and ready to 💃🏼 bright and early😂 Like 5am early! Tell me I'm not alone! 😜

Having a routine in place is my key to success. 😎 BUT IT DID NOT COME EASY! 🙄My excuses would flood my head and I had to learn to fight back, LIKE FIGHT HARDDD! I knew what I wanted and the goal I wanted to achieve so I was hell bent on making 💩 happen! 

So each day I taught myself a little more on where I failed, made a mental note and I continued to fail forward until I did find my jam! 

So many people try something new to quit only the 1st or 2nd time tying it out and are so quick to say...this is not for me?!?!? Like WHAT? Girl you have GOALS! Nothing worth having comes easy...ya feel me🙌🏼

And before you think I had it easy ✋ I'm someone that it takes FOREVER to find my jam with something but when I do 🎉🎉🎉🎉 I rock the crap out of it!! 

Tip: Quit over thinking and get out of your own head! Just DO! We tend to just over complicate EVERYTHING! #soGuilty

Point of this...don't give up after only 1 try heck even 2, 10 or 30 tries! If you want something bad enough FIGHT to make it happen until it becomes second nature-I don't care how many tries it takes! 

Because in the chaos of life you'll learn to do it without fail and those "excuses" will be something of the past🙌🏼

Ps: This goes for more than just working out!!!