I am declaring Febraury to be the month of Self-Love!

February is a month where we show others how much we LOVE them! I’m a complete sap and love the word LOVE and I love to love on others! But here's the deal, we’re so worried about showing others how much we love them when in reality the best thing you can do for your loved ones is to learn how to love on yourself first. Yes, I said it! 

We put ourselves on the back burner way too much! Our brains are designed to feel bad the second we do something nice for ourselves. Am I right? Today I want you to think about what can you do TODAY that would make you feel better?

Because here’s the deal: When you feel better about yourself this is what happens….
YOU become happier
YOU treat others better
YOU start to eliminate stress
YOU become energized
YOU start to LOVE on others the way they deserve to be loved on because your learning to love on yourself first! 

This is what working out does for me! It’s not always an easy road but when you learn you are worth the time you truly do start to create the best version of you! I’m not just talking about the way you look on the outside. It’s has everything to do with how you talk to yourself when no one is around. That voice starts to talk to you a little differently and you learn to love who you are a little more each day.