THIS made such an impact on my eczema

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Years ago, I suffered from eczema so bad I couldn't even bend my fingers without them cracking and bleeding. I went to several different dermatologists and they prescribed me steroid cream after steroid cream and gave me the advice of ”Just try not to wash your hands so much!” 

Awesome advice for a first-time mom #notsomuch

Nothing worked! Plus those creams burnnnnnnnned putting them on my cracked hands. 😭 I was embarrassed and couldn’t even wear my wedding ring because my hands were so swollen.

After I had my daughter I knew some things needed to change and my diet was one of those things. I could eat like a toddler and still can, (give me all the French fries and chicken nuggets), my energy sucked and I was crazy busy working, while never seeing my husband and raising our daughter.

Insert this shake! Even though it’s only been about 5 years since I’ve been drinking you consistently my eczema has disappeared, my energy is better now than in my 20s. It replaces my multivitamin, helps with cravings, digestion, bloating and is equivalent to 5 large salads (to list a few things)

Sometimes I feel we forget that our energy, our breakouts, how our skin looks and feels is more of an inside job. Today do your research. Not all shakes are created equal. Just something to keep in the mind-Our world is not protein deficient we’re nutrient deficient and that’s why we’re different. 💕

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