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Back to school fitness & home de-clutter Challenge

It's that time again where our kids take off on that school bus and us parents can get back on a scheduled routine. Who's excited about that one? I AM!! I know it's so easy to feel lost on where to start, what to do, how to spend your time.

This brings me to my next group! 

  • Who needs a good home de-clutter? To much stuff has just been piling up and it's time to revamp your whole house to where you find everything with ease!
  • Who needs to get back on a health and fitness routine to just feel normal again?
  • Who needs the extra support and accountability of it all?

What to expect:

  1. Access to your workouts! You will gain access to what I call the Netflix of workouts. Around 30 minutes at home workouts. 
  2. Nutrition guidance! I see where you're currently at and see where I can help the most! 
  3. House De-Clutter Challenge
  4. Support & Accountability every step of the way!                       


Everything is done virtually. No need to even leave your house. 


Just fill out the form so I know how to help you best!