Self Sabotage

SELF SABOTAGE .... Something we do all too often! Are you right on the verge of achieving your health and fitness goals or ANY GOAL but you're holding yourself back and you know it? Good news is you are aware! This is HUGE!!! Knowing what your doing MEANS your now able to take action on what is holding you back!  The bad news is we have to fight the mind on what you want to achieve which is freaking hard wor

Here are some tips on how to  move yourself forward instead of backward:

  1. REACH OUT! Tell your coach! Tell someone you know that will give it to you straight and help hold you accountable! Give them permission to be honest with you! You don’t want someone that will baby you! You want someone that WILL test you and really help you see what you're made of!

  2. Shout your goals out loud! Something about sharing it with the world also makes you step up your game! It's one thing if you let yourself down, it's a whole new ball game when people are waiting for you to show them you CAN and WILL achieve what you said you would! Shout it out today!!!

  3. FUEL YOUR MIND! This needs to be your #1 ALWAYS! WHY? Because your body won't go where your mind won't allow it! Along with everything else in life! Our brain is THE MOST POWERFUL thing we own! Feed it with POSITIVITY & POWER! Here are some books you can read or listen too:

You Are a Bad Ass byJenn Sincero - This would be for anybody that lacks self-confidence within themselves.

UnF*ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop - This is for anybody that keeps on holding themselves back! YOU NEED A KICK this book is for you!

- 5 Second Rule or KICK ASS by  Mel Robbins - This is for anybody that NEEDS that extra push to JUST GET UP AND GET SHIT DONE!

Here is a tip: f you are busy like me, sitting down and reading might not always be an option so download the app Audible! Get your book of choice, put your earbuds in and drive, clean, workout, whatever...while fueling the most powerful muscle your own!

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