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Wishing every day would be a 2-hour delay. I didn't have to dress any kids while they were dead asleep. Don't tell me you don't do it. 🤣

Today with the 2-hour school delay, I had to turn around and pick my son back up 3 hours later. Every time I experience something like this my first thought is always... I feel so blessed I said yes to this coaching gig. I answer to a boss that's super cool (it's me🤣), I don't have to panic wondering what to do, who to call or who I might let down. I get to hear the pitter patters of 3 sets of feet hitting the floor. I get to relax a little, make breakfast for the family, break up a few fights and settle an argument on why wearing underwear is important and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I know what I do is NOT for everyone but if your someone that WANTS to be a SAHM, earn an income, determine your own schedule, find a higher purpose, work hard and care for others I’m now mentoring 5 new coaches this month. Fill out the form below! 💕 My answered prayers might be yours!