Let's break down the first 7 days of your challenge, so you are prepared! 

If you're new or struggling always remember it all starts with the basics!

I am so happy and excited that you have decided to begin your health & fitness journey. I have compiled some must-have resources and information to get you started. Also, don't forget to submit your before & after photos, you can do that here

All of the information below will walk you through your first seven days. Just click on the photo to watch the video or download the information. 

Day 1 - Welcome

Day 5 - MindControl

Day 2 - Nutrition

Day 6 - Shakeology

Day 3 - Prepping

Day 7 - Ownership

My commitment and guarantee

I feel beyond honored that you took the time to view my page and chose me as your coach! Though I may not have ALL the right answers, I vow to give you all the knowledge and support I do have that has helped me reach my goals both past & present and to be a forever friend, confidant, and mentor to give you the support you deserve on your journey! Everybody deserves to create the best version of themselves. I vow to help you create that person you have inside your heart. I will always match your efforts 100%. If there’s ever anything you need from me, I’m always a message away.